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Charles Moscowitz is the author of “God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

The author presumes that God exists, that God is God, and that God, which is a euphemism that manifests in different religions and cultures under different titles, is the singular and supernatural creator of the universe. God describes a supreme force existing outside of matter and outside of space and time, a force that created all things both material and abstract. Science and reason indicate that something cannot create itself and that something cannot be created out of nothing.

An objective observation of nature indicates that the universe and all of life exists in a natural state by which different entities and different life forms interact and compete resulting in a state of balance. Human beings hold the unique ability to reason, to know truths, and human beings possess the tool of language which permits complex communication and the storage of knowledge. This is why human beings are created in the image of God and why, as such, humanity has the ability to develop societies that reflect the balance that is observable in the natural world created by God.

As images of God, human beings are imperfect, human beings are, as such, not God. Human beings are thus prone to error and are tempted by sin. The author utilizes the biblical story of the fall of Adam and Eve to demonstrate that elements within human beings and within human societies have been in various states of rebellion against God and nature.

This book expresses the bias of the author who is a secular American Jew and, as such, the view of God that is expressed in this book emanates from a western Judeo-Christian perspective. The author delves into historical and theological controversies between Judaism and Christianity and he analyses what he contends has been a corrupt influence within Judaism, one that he contends threatens the Jewish covenant.

The author wrote this book primarily as an intellectual exercise, but the result has caused the author to experience an unexpected and profound personal spiritual awakening. The author has, as a result, come to know God and, by extension, this knowledge has caused him to reflect on the mission that God has assigned to the Jewish people and to all of mankind.

The author would like to share his observations regarding God, historical controversies, and his own spiritual experience with the reader.

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