Charles Moscowitz is the author of God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver.

An elementary analysis of the Trump Administration, by any objective metric, reveals an extraordinarily successful administration. On the domestic front, taxes have been cut putting more capital in the pocket of working people, onerous and unnecessary regulation has been rescinded allowing for the expansion of business, and for the first time America is not dependent on foreign oil. The stock market has gone up which indicates overall confidence in terms of investment and better returns in retirement accounts.

And that is not all.

Trump did what was thought to be impossible by re-negotiating the NAFTA agreement to favor American industry and oil and to reduce the trade deficit. He withdrew from the Trans Pacific agreement which would have had a negative impact on domestic production and he imposed tariffs on China which raised revenue and protected American industry and labor from unfair trade practices. Other administrations gave lip service to this, Trump did it. Biden has likely been seriously compromised by years of influence peddling, payoffs, graft and kickbacks from China not to mention possible blackmail.

Unemployment has been substantially reduced, particularly in the minority community and enterprise zones have begun to aid in the formation and development of business in minority communities as well. The Clinton-Biden Crime Bill, which put hundreds of thousands of predominantly black men in prison for minor drug offenses has been partially rescinded by the First Step Act which led to the release of approximately 10,000 mostly black men from prison. We can expect the second and third steps in the second Trump Administration.

Regarding foreign affairs.

Firstly, and most importantly, there has been no wars during the Trump Administration. He wound down the ISIS operation by defeating ISIS and he began the careful withdrawal from Afghanistan. He de-escalated tension with North Korea which is no longer firing missiles regularly. He forced the NATO countries to pay more for their defense, something that previous administrations gave lip service to. The strengthened the military and allowed veterans to receive medical assistance from regular medical facilities.

The Trump Administration moved the American Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem which, rather than increasing tensions as was predicted by the naysayers, advanced peace with the signing of the Abraham Accords that established diplomatic relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Last week, he presided over an agreement between Israel and Sudan and he previously resided over an agreement between Israel, Serbia and Kosovo. There is indication that a second Trump Administration will preside over more moves toward peace in the Middle East including a peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, a de-escalation of tensions with Iran and peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

And there's more…a lot more.

The completion of the American-Mexican border wall will substantially reduce illegal immigration which would set the stage for citizenship for qualified DACA recipients. Judges who review cases based on their constitutionality serve to preserve and advance democratic principles. A strong America acting in its own self interest is a benefit to all Americans and is a genuinely progressive policy.

Elections matter.

Are we going to return to the old, decrepit, corrupt ways by which a ruling class is answerable to their own special set of laws or are we going to advance the concept of equal justice under the law? President Trump confronted a conspiracy that sought to unlawfully remove him from office. Joe Biden has engaged in the type of corruption, influence peddling, kickbacks, graft, that would put any average person in jail. If Donald Trump is not re-elected, justice will never be done in these cases and this will further erode our objective system of equal justice for all.

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