Why I support President Trump

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By any objective metric, President Donald Trump is the most successful president since FDR. While I acknowledge that I was a supporter from the moment he descended down the elevator at Trump Tower, I understand and sympathize with those who were turned off by his personality and who were concerned, to put it mildly, when he was elected. He was a businessman who had never held public office, he was virtually self-financed which meant that he was not beholden to all the usual special interests, and he appeared to be hated by the media and the smart people in our culture to an unprecedented level.

Since that time, however, Trump has proven to be an exceptionally successful president. My new book “God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver” has caused me to experience profound soul searching and moments of intense thinking. These experiences, not particularly mystical as I’m not prone to such experience, have led me to think more objectively and to see truths more clearly and as the Bible says: The Truth will set you free.

And the truth, I would argue, is that in almost every area that can be named, President Trump has been a big success. On the economy, he has lowered taxes, cut onerous and unnecessary regulations that have hurt business, and he has improved American trade relations which has advanced the interests of American industry and labor. He stopped the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was a bad trade deal and he reformed NAFTA to insure a more favorable position for American manufacturing and, thus, American labor. He raised a lot of money by placing a modest tariff on Chinese imports, tariffs that protected American industry and money that was distributed to American farmers to offset any losses.

On the environment, he scrapped the corrupt global warming treaty which was nothing more that a rip-off of the American taxpayer and which would not have lessened a single molecule of pollution from entering into the atmosphere. American carbon emissions have continued to drop. He reformed Obamacare to get rid of the onerous mandate while preserving coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and, at the same time, lowering premiums. He has allowed generic and overseas drugs into the market which has lowered the cost of drugs and he has supported the right to try.

On civil rights, he signed the First-Step Act which released approximately 10,000 prisoners' incarcerated for minor crimes, the majority of whom were Black men, he established permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and he has created enterprise zones in poor urban predominantly Black and minority neighborhoods. He has stood up against the radical revolutionaries who are looting Black businesses, burning Black neighborhoods and killing Black people. His policies have contributed to unprecedented levels of Black employment and empowerment.

On foreign policy, President Trump has kept the peace and he has ended the internationalist doctrine that has been in place since the end of World War II that involved American military involvement in perpetual and usually senseless wars. While de-escalating American military involvement, Trump has gotten NATO members to pay more for their own defense. He moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem and he presided over negotiations that led to relations between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, the Abraham Agreement. While he did not yet get North Korea to abandon their nuclear program, he did, in the de-facto sense, reduce tensions in the region as the North Koreans stopped lobbing missiles over the Sea of Japan. He defeated ISIS.

I could go on but for now I will stop here. Never has their been a President more deserving of a second term. The other side offers nothing other than an incoherent and irrational hatred of Trump, one that is manipulated by those who have conspired to overthrow the government and reinstate business as usual. I hope enough people wake up and think anew.

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