Why are the richest Americans liberal?

Charles Moscowitz
4 min readNov 1, 2020


Charles Moscowitz is the author of God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

Forbes Magazine publishes an annual list of the top 100 billionaires and the list is consistently and overwhelmingly made up of liberals. Likewise, these liberal billionaires often own or control corporations that have a liberal culture and these corporations spawn liberals down the food chain. America’s top cultural institutions, foundations and institutions of higher education are likewise overwhelmingly liberal as is America’s legacy media and even America’s institutional mainstream religious institutions. Liberals hold the high ground in the largest and most influential institutions as well as the permanent governing bureaucracy, what President Trump has referred to as the “deep state” which is a bureaucracy of interlocking agencies, civil servants, and contractors who hold their positions regardless of who is elected.

So why…then…are they so overwhelmingly liberal?

Why have they so thoroughly weeded out over time, by means of attrition and by promoting fellow travelers up the rat line, conservatives, patriots and non-conformists?

Socialism is all about secular power, public ownership of the mode of production, communication, distribution, and the term “public” means government. The left views government and, by proxy, informal government in the hands of “enlightened” controllers of private wealth, as the rightful wielders of power over those whom they deem as unenlightened and, as such, in need of their benevolent guidance. They sense a moral obligation to use their accumulated wealth and power to transform society and, literally, to transform human nature by the soft hand of subversion and the occasional iron hand of open fiat power.

Often those who become wealthy, or those who are lucky enough to have obtained wealth through contact with and by means of conformity to this emerging socialistic elite, forget how they got to where they are. Those with inherited wealth, those who make up the core of the liberal elite, never knew the process and are, as such, often cut off from the realities that the rest of us face. Often times the wealthy elite not only forget their more humble roots, applying to those who might have such roots, but they also forget the God who created every man and woman equally and, as such, created us with an equal ability to perceive truths and morality.

There is a natural tendency on the part of all of us to seek fellowship with like minded people who share our values. This natural tendency becomes problematic when the fellowship develops around those who are wealthy and powerful. Such fellowship, for better or for worse, tends to require a degree of conformity even in the best of circumstances. The wealthy liberal elite have conformed to authoritarian and socialistic values because those values are the definition of unaccountable power, “public ownership,” Those values offer a moral justification for the wielding of the concentration of power.

A level of guilt and a sense of privilege is also involved in this unnatural attraction to left-wing liberalism. The liberal elitist often holds an inner sense of guilt over their enormous success, and their lavish lifestyle, as they question why they should experience this in a world of poverty and suffering. Rather than remembering how they got to their position, at least as it applies to those who are self-made, they assume that they are somehow naturally superior, that they are special and that, as such, everyone else is inherently incapable of achieving success on their own. Thus, they reject the natural system that set the stage for their success, private ownership, faith, self-interest, competition, replacing this with a sense of noblesse-oblige, a modern reincarnation of the principle of Devine Right of Kings.

Wealth and success are attractive things in a free society and we admire those who achieve it. The liberal elite, however, requires a high degree of conformity which is consonant to their embrace of utopian Socialism. Thus, when they control the cultural high-ground, one has to conform to liberalism in order to get ahead, in order to become successful, in order to be liked. Conversely, those who dare not conform are punished with scorn, shunning, punishment and worse. If they’re too outspoken, they are denounced in a modern version of the auto-da-fe.

So this is why, in a nutshell, every four years, election analysts notice that the most liberal areas of the country, which are also the areas which are the richest, vote liberal and why the rest of up vote conservative. This thesis becomes obvious when we examine the electoral map. Indeed, this is why we are so divided as a society and as a nation today.



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