We are all Socialists now

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Whether or not President Trump is successful in terms of stopping the theft of his landslide election, we should reflect upon the question of weather we have become a Socialist country. Certainly, if the left installs their regime in Washington, they will no doubt begin to implement their socialist agenda and we will fight back.

We are witnessing a high level of corruption on display and that corruption is is much more ingrained into our system that we had imagined it was. We have seen both political parties, the media, the so-called independent judiciary on the state and federal level, the state governments and our major institutions of business, culture and even our churches conspire and coordinate to steal the election.

But the question is more fundamental than that.

We have witnessed the fact that a majority of our fellow citizens either don’t care, are willfully ignorant of the facts or, worse, they are fully conscious and witting participants in the election theft. Those who generally don’t care have been made docile by four years of non-stop propaganda and lies told about Donald Trump and his Administration which has been one of the most successful in history by any objective standard.

Those who are witting and conscious participants in the conspiracy seek to stop Trump’s agenda of putting America first. They are either internationalists who seek to turn America into a province of the world or they are utopians who believe that sovereignty and democratic rule are anachronisms.

It is particularly troubling to see so many young and college age Americans becoming part of the mob. They have been brainwashed by public education and cultural institutions that are presented as woke. They have no idea who they are let alone what the American political philosophy is.

Perhaps we have reached a critical mass in terms of the advance of a socialist conspiracy that finds its modern roots in the election of Woodrow Wilson, the first self-described Socialist, as president in the pivotal year of 1912.

Perhaps we have reached a point of no return.



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