Charles Moscowitz is the author of God is God: God is the Creator and law-giver

A lesson that must be learned from the 2020 election is how extensive voter fraud is and has become. Putting aside whether this was a rant caused by dementia, Joe Biden acknowledged this when he stated that the Democrats had created a “voter fraud organization.” This election has, at any rate born this out.

At first, everything seemed to be progressing smoothly. Both red states and blue states, including my own state of Massachusetts, were able to release their data hours after the polls closed, the early vote as well as the election day vote, and the media was able to reliably determine who had won.

Then, around 11 pm, something strange happened. The vote counting was suddenly stopped in several key swing states where Trump was ahead and appeared to be gaining steam, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Suddenly a county in Georgia stopped counting due to an alleged water main break. North Carolina let it be known that their results would not be posted for another week. Fox News called Arizona for Biden without any evidence that he was ahead and before an estimated million votes were not yet counted. This reminds me of when Dan Rather called Florida for Gore without a shred of evidence and before the polls closed in the panhandle.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning, the counting resumed with hundreds of thousands of votes suddenly discovered, most, and in the case of Wisconsin, all of which were Biden votes.

A post-office employee, a whistleblower, told James O’Keefe from Project Veritas that he had been told by his supervisor to date to change the date of any ballots received the day after the election to election day. If this were the case than this would constitute a serious felony, voter fraud and tampering with the US Mail.

Then you had the counting in Detroit where several precincts had recorded that Obama had received over 100% of the vote in 2012. Republican observers were forcibly barred from the room and cardboard was taped to the window to prevent anyone from seeing in where the counting was being done. Similar problems are being reported in Philadelphia.

As of today, Nevada is scheduled to release their final vote count but there are reports that because Trump has won, state officials are trying to delay this in order to find more Biden ballots. A variation of this might be going on in Arizona today as well.

President Trump has asked for a recount in Wisconsin and perhaps this will lead to exposure and he should do so as well in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Overall, there does appear to be, as Biden himself noted, a massive and systematic system of voter fraud that would involve stealing the election which is exactly what the Democrats and their mockingbird media stooges are trying to do right now. America is turning into a third-world banana republic before our eyes.

I call on both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans to not let this happen.

Author and podcaster Charles Moscowitz streams live on YouTube Monday -Friday 12 noon -1 pm ET.

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