Trump Won

Charles Moscowitz latest book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

Whether or not President Trump is inaugurated for a second term on January 20, the preponderance of evidence indicates that he won the election and, indeed, he likely won by a landslide. While a recent poll indicates that this is understood by a majority of Republicans and by 30% of Democrats, the fact that he won is unspoken but widely understood knowledge as any and all Americans know that he won in their heart of hearts.

A large core of Democrats, working with a hard core of establishment Republican Trump haters were either actively involved in rigging the election. These plotters hate Trump to the degree that anything goes when it comes to removing him from office. Many of these same conspirators were actively involved in disseminating the conspiracy theory that Trump was spying for Russia and that he had conspired with Ukraine. They view the rigging of the election as an ongoing action to overthrow the government and some of these same types are planning to pull a Czar Nicholas II on Trump and his family once he is deposed.

Most everyone else in the anti-Trump camp either don’t care of they have been swayed by the most massive and concerted propaganda campaign in American history. Biden was declared the winner by three media outlets who control the megaphone and who work hand in glove with the censorious players in Big Tech. They made sure that no questions were asked about the glaring fraud that had voting suddenly shut down in key states, where Trump was way ahead, only to reopen later after finding enough votes for Biden to win. They launched the false narrative that Biden was “president-elect” even going so far as to create placards saying “office of the president-Elect” to further legitimize the charade.

So we will likely be living in a country that is controlled by an informal junta in a manner similar to most countries in the rest of the world. Our free elections, which were the last bastion of freedom, will be forever gone. Most Americans understand this and yet they are too docile or they are too lacking in care to resist the onslaught.



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