Trump will Win because of the Pandemic

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Charles Moscowitz is the author of the new book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

Biden and the Democrats miscalculated when they tried to blame President Trump for poor management of the pandemic and they entered into the unreal realm of outright agit-prop when they tried to blame the president for the death toll.

Trump responded to this smear quite deftly when he noted that his China and Europe travel ban likely saved millions of lives and he rightly quoted Dr’s Fauci and Birx, the “scientists” as having recommended the ban. Trump adroitly compared his policy to Biden’s opposition to that policy as Biden, along with Pelosi and a bevy of national state and local democrats responded in horror to the bans with ugly denunciations of xenophobia and racism. Trump had much of this on tape.

Biden miscalculated when he assumed that the American people would support national mandates on wearing masks and a national lockdown if this was what the “scientists” recommended. Most average Americans, even many on the left, find nationalization and martial law to be scary and distasteful. Trump, in contrast, worked with the respective states which set policies and looked to the feds for support and guidance.

I believe that over-reach by certain states, particularly the blue states of Michigan, Massachusetts, California and New York, will cause Trump to increase his margins of support this election. Most people would rather protect themselves from the virus by avoiding crowds, washing hands and wearing a mask when in public places.

Michigan is perhaps the most authoritarian of all the states with curfews and such arbitrary mandates as allowing for the purchase of booze and lottery tickets but not garden seeds and appliances. Michigan Governor Whitmer just signed a mandate that includes heavy fines and possibly jail for store owners that don’t take the names and addresses of everyone who enters.

California just issued regulations for what is allowed and forbidden on Thanksgiving. Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker just issued a curfew order to take effect on Friday, Nov. 6. New York allowed people to go to the beach as long as they didn’t go too near the water. Worst of all, Governor Andrew Cuomo, circumventing federal regulations, placed Covid 19 active patients in nursing homes leading to the deaths of possibly thousands of people.

I believe that the people of those authoritarian blue states, whose dictator leftist governors who are deriving their authority out of thin air, are going to vote for Trump as a protest vote.

We shall see.

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