The problem is not “voter fraud,” the problem is election fraud.

Charles Moscowitz new book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

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The claim that there are few cases of “voter fraud” in this election is a red herring and a case of bait and switch. Yes, it is true, there are few cases of voter fraud in this and previous elections as it remains rare that an individual would risk committing such a felony.

The problem is election fraud.

Such fraud occurs when corrupt political machines stop counting and then start up again after large drops of voters for their side suddenly appear as if out of no-where as happened in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Such fraud occurs when two weeks after the election, 5,000 votes are “discovered” in two counties in Georgia with approximately 80% cast for Trump. These suppressed votes would never have been found if there wasn’t such a clamor and without leadership from resident who would have otherwise been cheated.

Such fraud occurs when Nevada throws out 150,000 votes that were cast by dead people. This type of voting does not constitute “voter fraud” from either individuals who may have cast the ballot in the name of the dead or the dead themselves. This type of fraud occurs when the polling places close and corrupt election clerks go through the lists of voters, find out what names on the list did not vote, and then cast the ballots themselves.

I’ve gotten into the Dominion Software scandal and the coming release of the Kracken in previous blogs.

Many people have suggested that votes from the grave and other “irregularities” have historically been done by both parties and this is true. The difference is, however, that Republicans do it from counties and precincts they control and these are mostly smaller, suburban and rural.

Corrupt Democrat political machines, on the other hand, control the big cities with their big populations and they have done so for several decades going back to the 1960’s. Perhaps this is why these corrupt machines have continued to control those cities from those times until today.

Indeed President Trump is the first national leader to call them out and in this regard he represents all honest Americans from both parties.

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