The Nazification of America

After four years of demonizing President Donald Trump and his followers, who were ascribed qualities similar to those ascribed to Jews by the Nazis, and after successfully stealing the election, the national socialist oriented establishment pulled off their final coup de grace with the American equivalent of a Reichstag fire. Thus, their final stick of propaganda, to be wielded as a weapon by the new regime in their slow-motion slide toward soft Nazism, would be to indict President Trump and his supporters as insurrectionists and terrorists.

Thus, going forward, any person or group who questions the legitimacy of the election, who discusses the evidence of fraud, is to be viewed as an enemy of the people. The censorship, indicative of the most overt trappings of a Nazi style regime, is to be codified and accepted as opposition is airbrushed off the platforms of public discourse. Punishments in the form of shadow-banning, shunning, vilification, denouncement and a diminution of opportunity is to be meted out to the opposition.

The big lie itself, the claim that the rag-tag gang dressed in Halloween costumes who breached the Capitol and who, it should be noted, stopped the constitutionally mandated challenges to elections in seven states, were representative of the peaceful demonstrators is now gospel. The idiotic conspiracy claim that President Trump sent them in to overthrow the government has now become accepted as official doctrine. Indeed, this conspiracy is worse than the one which they pushed for four years, the claim that Donald Trump was spying for Russia.

The insurrection conspiracy theory, which finds echoes in the evil Nazi conspiracy theory that the Jews sought to take over Germany, is worse and more dangerous than the Russia spy claim which specifically targeted Trump. This latest conspiracy theory targets al of us deplorables, the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump.

Author and podcaster Charles Moscowitz streams live on YouTube Monday -Friday 12 noon -1 pm ET.

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