The Conspiracy Trump faces

Charles Moscowitz most recent book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

President Trump is now facing down a conspiracy that is more vast, and much more potentially damaging to our country than the one he faced down with the conspiracy theory that he was a spy for Russia.

Now, the deep state, operating within selected so-called swing states, in coordination with the mockingbird media, is trying to overthrow the government with fraudulent votes.

They are stuffing the ballot box in various ways.

In Nevada substantial evidence is emerging indicating that thousands of dead people have voted.

In Arizona, sharpies have been found at polling places which could be used to corrupt Trump votes by making them intelligible to the computer counting machines.

In Wisconsin, a batch of over a hundred thousand votes, 100% of which were for Biden, suddenly emerged after the state stopped counting shortly before midnight on election day. This was enough “votes” to erase Trump’s lead.

In Michigan, irregularities in Antrim County voting machines registered only 2 votes for a local republican candidate who testified that he knew of 6 votes that he had received, 6 voters who are members of his family.

Certain Detroit precincts, which had previously delivered to Barack Obama 99% even 109% of the vote are still in play as they conducted counts of mailed-in ballots behind closed doors without outside observers.

This same phenomena is now occurring in Philadelphia.

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