The 2020 Election Conspiracy

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Yes, I continue to continue to contend that the 2020 election was stolen.

It is most unfashionable to make this assertion as, indeed, those who assert this are now routinely denounced as “conspiracy theorists.” We are being denounced, mocked, censored, not for holding the theory itself, a theory which is rarely addressed, but rather we are denounced for merely contending that there was a conspiracy.

Mike Lindell, the “pillow guy” has lost his personal and professional social media accounts. He’s been banished for expressing the opinion that the election was stolen. My pillow has now been dropped from several major retailers because Lindell continues to say this. Clearly, such an assertion on his part is now verboten.

Yet the left hasn’t always been this upset about conspiracy theories holding that an election was stolen. Indeed, the left hatched the biggest election conspiracy theory of modern times when they asserted that the election of 2016 was stolen by Donald Trump who they allege hatched a plot, or “colluded” with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

This destructive conspiracy was backed by thousands of hours of breathless broadcasting and barrels of ink. They were able to install Bob Mueller and his gang of brown-shirts into the office of special prosecutor where they spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on chasing down this truly cockamamie theory. In their lust to take Trump down, these insurrectionists legitimized police actions the likes of which had never been experienced in America. Now it became ok for swat teams to show up at the home of an elderly man, charged with a process crime, with the media gleefully filming outside. They glorified when a man convicted of financial impropriates was put in solitary confinement because he was briefly associated with Trump.

Now they are pushing the most dangerous conspiracy yet with their assertion that Trump conspired to overthrow the government on January 6th, a date that they claimed was comparable to Pearl Harbor. On that date, a rag-tag group of unarmed protesters breached the US Capitol and wandered around its corridors. This act brought an end to what would’ve been testimony from 7 states that were contesting their respective elections.

This constitutional function, one that has occurred many times in American history, one that would’ve likely benefited Trump, was stopped by the guy in the buffalo hat. Congress was cancelled, the hearings were stopped, and Biden was gaveled in after midnight, without hearings and out of the view of the media and public. Who benefited from that?

Yes…I do contend…The election was stolen and I can present substantial evidence to back this up.

Author and podcaster Charles Moscowitz streams live on YouTube Monday -Friday 12 noon -1 pm ET.

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