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Trump legal advisor Sidney Powell has stated that the Trump legal team is getting ready, with sworn affidavits, whistleblower testimony and other evidence, to “release the Kraken.”

The “Kraken” which refers to a giant squid from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and which derives from an ancient Viking myth about a massive octopus that roams the North Atlantic off the coasts of Norway and Iceland, is a reference to the Dominion System, an electronic vote tabulating system that was used to tabulate votes in 21 states including the still undecided swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. It has already been discovered that the Dominion system flipped 6,000 Trump votes to Biden in Antrim County Michigan and over 40 additional counties in Michigan, which use this same system, are now suspected of having experienced the same “glitch.”

Sidney Powell explained to Fox News Lou Dobbs that Dominion Systems was created in Venezuela as a means of installing communist Hugo Chavez in power by manipulating the vote count in that country. Powell notes that after the fraud was successful in Venezuela, the Dominion technology was marketed to other countries including the United States. Powell notes that communist China played a role in the implementation of the Dominion system which raises the real question about foreign interference in the election.

Powell notes that on the night of the election, when several of the swing states mysteriously stopped counting, the Dominion systems played a role in flipping those states, where Trump was ahead at the time of the stoppage, in the case of Pennsylvania by over a half a million votes, as when the re-opened, suddenly, Biden was ahead or closing the gap.

Powell is investigating the possible financial involvement of several blue-state Governors who may have received bribes from Dominion, with is financial backing from China, the wealthy China connected husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, and other shadowy sources of money, in exchange for implementing their systems in their states.

Powell claims that once she and the Trump legal team reveal their case against Dominion Systems, and possibly another corrupt system operating in Los Angeles County, when they release the Kraken, Trump will get back the hundreds of thousands of votes that were stolen and it will become apparent that Trump won the election by a landslide.

The cumulative result of the exposure of the Dominion fraud, along with the lawsuits moving forward in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Georgia, along with the evidence of fraud around the mail-in votes that former President Jimmy Carter warned us about in 2008, along with the testimony of a growing number of mail carriers regarding vote tampering done by the US Postal Service, will be perhaps the greatest landslide since Reagan’s second term.

I predict that it will be discovered that Trump did better in every state in the Union including in my own Commonwealth of Massachusetts. At the time of certification, early December, it will become clear that Trump carried all of the states now in contention, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada and that he might pick up New Hampshire, Maine and Minnesota. I predict that the Republicans will pick up both Senate seats in Georgia and possibly a couple of additional seats once the honest vote is counted and, I predict that the Republicans, if they don’t take back the House, will be no more than 3 seats away from doing so.

In short, we are about to witness the exposure of the biggest political conspiracy in American history.

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