Racist corporate criticism of Georgia election laws

Coca Cola and Delta Airlines, both headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, are criticizing their home state for passing new laws which protect the principle of one man one vote. Their denigration of those laws is getting louder and is going national as Major League Baseball is making noises about withdrawing the All-Star game from Atlanta and President Biden has compared the laws to Jim-crow.

They are basing their criticism on the racist assumption that people of color are not as capable of registering to vote as is everyone else. These super-rich elitist predominantly white liberals know nothing about people of color. They probably don’t know too many people of color because if they did they would know that people of color have identification, just like everyone else, and that they are perfectly able to use their id to register to vote.

The fact is that these paternalistic liberal racists, who view people of color as inferior and as, to use the old British imperialistic term coined by Rudyard Kipling, a “white man’s burden,” don’t actually give a damn about people of color. If they did, they would support laws that stopped the suppression of their votes by potentially fake votes that are unlawfully cast. Every vote that is unlawfully cast suppresses a legitimate vote and subverts the will of the voter regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Black people in particular have fought and have died for the right to vote. The Voters Rights Act of 1964 swept away vestiges of real voter suppression targeted toward African-Americans such as poll taxes and other intimidating laws. Now Black people have the right to vote and their vote, just like those of all American citizens, deserves to be protected from potential fraud.

The agenda of the liberal left has nothing to do with the right to vote as, indeed, the agenda is to codify practices that will make it more likely that the vote will be suppressed in the real sense.

We ought to stand up to these racists and be counted as opposing their racist agenda.

Author and podcaster Charles Moscowitz streams live on YouTube Monday -Friday 12 noon -1 pm ET.

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