President Trump is Winning!

Charles Moscowitz latest book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

YouTube interview with Gerard Lameiro: President Trump is Winning!

The margins are tightening in President Trumps favor in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. Rampant and systematic voter fraud is being uncovered and documented with a growing number of sworn affidavits in Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Real Clear Politics lists Pennsylvania as undecided and this status is becoming increasingly apparent with every passing hour. The media blackout continues as they prop Biden up and ignore the coming reckoning.

The tide is turning! President Trump is Winning!

A computer “glitch” emanating from Dominion software has already caused 6,000 votes for Trump, which were registered to Biden due to the “glitch” to return to Biden in Antrim County Michigan. This same program was used in over 40 additional Michigan counties as well as counties in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and elsewhere. There is already evidence that the same “glitch” occurred in at least one additional county in Michigan, one in Wisconsin and one in Pennsylvania.

Several postal whistleblowers in several states are now on record as stating that they were told by supervisors that they were to alter mail-in ballots that came in after Election Day to election day and this crime is under investigation by the Postmaster General. Attorney General Barr has authorized District Attorney’s across the country to investigate cases of voter and ballot fraud.

The Biden camp is now acknowledging the obvious, that voter fraud took place, but they claim that its not enough to make a difference. Indeed, the Republican Attorney General of Georgia has acknowledged a “problem” with voter fraud in a state that Biden holds the tiny lead of 10,000 votes but, he claims without evidence, that an investigation won’t change the outcome. Reports in Nevada and Pennsylvania indicate that an unprecedented number of dead people voted, all for Biden, and that elderly people in Nevada have reported showing up to vote and being told that someone else had already voted in their name. Republican observers were illegally barred from observing the count in Detroit and Philadelphia.

The Republicans are accurately portraying this systemic attack on the integrity of the election as a civil rights issue.

All of these issues and more, along with the fact that Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia stopped counting before the midnight of Election Day, with Trump holding commanding leads in all of these states, only to start counting again in the wee hours of the morning after discovering enough votes to erase those margins and put Biden over the top in some cases, presents a case that massive and systemic voter and ballot fraud took place.

Once the fraudulently cast ballots are discovered and removed, to the degree that this can occur, I predict a landslide victory, both in the Electoral College and in the Popular Vote, for President Donald J. Trump!



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