Charles Moscowitz latest book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

The vast majority of Americans have no idea in terms of what is actually going on with the election. The mainstream media is in complete blackout mode as they proceed to pretend that Biden is the President-Elect. They blithely talk about what his incoming government is going to look like while either ignoring or continuing to denigrate and mock President Trump. Indeed, stooping to a new low, the Drudge Report is running a sensational headline, “Trump Grand Finale: Bomb Iran?” along with an image of a nuclear blast, absurdly speculating as to whether Trump will drop the big one before leaving office.

Meanwhile, lurking just off the coast of the Eastern Seaboard Liberal Establishment and their media lackeys and internationalist boosters, is the KRAKEN!!!


Powell said during a Sunday interview that the Trump legal team will release overwhelming evidence which will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, “massive election fraud” caused by Dominion Voting System and Smartmatic software.

During an interview on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiroma, Powell said: “We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states. President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose.”

In a bombshell claim, Powell stated: “We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections.” Regarding Dominion and partners, Powell stated: “They did this on purpose. It was calculated. They have done it before. We have evidence from 2016 in California. We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

Describing a methodology which could potentially undo an entire election, Powell noted: “They can watch votes in real time. They can shift votes in real time. We have identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and planned to use from the beginning to modify the votes, in this case, to make sure Biden won… And they can do anything they want with the votes. They can have the machines not read the signature… They can make the machines read and catalog only the Biden vote.”

Noting a 2019 investigation by Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden, and Democratic Congressman Pocan into Dominion Voting Systems, Powell observed: We are particularly concerned that secretive and ‘trouble-plagued companies’ owned by private equity firms and responsible for manufacturing and maintaining voting machines and other election administration equipment, but have long skimped on security in favor of convenience, leaving voting systems across the country ‘prone to security problems’,” the Democratic lawmakers wrote in a letter to the firms last year.

If all of this is true, and we shall see, than it is likely that President Trump won a landslide that would include his winning in all of the contested states, his taking Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine and even…gasp…possibly California!

All we can do at this point is wait with baited breath as the giant squid moves in on its prey.

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