Overwhelming evidence of systemic ballot fraud

Charles Moscowitz latest book: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

Evidence that the 2020 election is being stolen from President Trump is rolling in by the day, by the hour, by the minute. Skids of ballots made out to Biden with perfect markings delivered by truck from NY to PA days before the election. Precincts in Milwaukee, WI where Biden got over 200% of the vote. A 300,000 vote drop in PA at 4 am the day after the election where Trump received 3,500 votes. Whistleblowers from Dominion Software which received an infusion of $90 million from a Chinese company a week before the election.

I could go on and on.

I would like to note two things are particularly troubling to me. Firstly, that there are so many Republicans who are turning a blind eye to this corruption including the Governor and Secretary of State in GA, not to mention the 2 GA Republican candidates for the Senate. These people have either been corrupted by Dominion cash, as for example Dominion received a $100 million contract to place their machines in GA, or that they hate President Trump and don’t care that the voters are being cheated.

Secondly, and this is most troubling to me, so may Americans don’t care. The vast majority of Americans in both parties know damn well that the election is being stolen. Of course the conspirators, the Democrat Party and their Republican allies, the corrupt ward healers, the mockingbird media enablers, know exactly what is going on. I would’ve thought that most citizens, the rest of us, both Republicans and Democrats, would care about election fraud.

The fact that so many are turning a blind eye on an issue as fundamental to our freedom as the principle of one man one vote speaks volumes in terms of the present condition of our society.

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