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Charles Moscowitz is the author of the new book “God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

I am writing this on the Friday before the Tuesday that is Election Day 2020. I predict that Election Day will witness a Trump Tsunami, a Trump tidal wave, the crest of which that will carry President Trump to a resounding victory and a well deserved second term. The only thing standing in the way id hyped-up fear of the pandemic and it wont work. Most of the fear ridden voters cast their ballots early and the totals for democrats are largely unimpressive and insufficient. The Trump voters view exposure to the virus at the polls as no greater than, and probably less than, the danger of exposure when buying groceries.

I predict that Trump will do better than he did in 2016 in all fifty states. He now has an established record as president and it is a truly impressive record across the board when measured by any objective standard. Most people are not pining for a return to the old and decrepit days of Obama and in spite of the biggest censorship campaign in American history, the level of Biden family corruption and depravity is trickling out.

I predict that the tsunami will result in Republicans holding onto the Senate, with maybe a couple of losses, and that Republicans will make gains in the House, perhaps even to the degree that they will be within a hair of a majority.

How will the left react?

Two strategies will unfold and neither will work. Firstly, they will once again send out their shock troops to loot Black businesses, burn Black neighborhoods and kill Black people. The falseness of this communist action will be more starkly illustrated by large numbers of Black voters who vote for Trump and the election of a number of Black Republicans to the Senate and the House. A re-elected Trump will restore law and order swiftly and with overwhelming public support.

Secondly, the voter fraud machine will go into high gear in the 10 states that mailed out blind ballots to everyone and their cat. They will keep counting and refuse to concede just like Stacy Abrams has yet to concede that she lost the Georgia Governor race. With Trump re-elected, and with Justice Amy Comey Barrett on the Supreme Court, the voter fraud agenda won’t fly and, indeed, will be exposed.

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