Mounting evidence of voter fraud

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Those of you who rely exclusively on the mainstream mockingbird media for your information about the election are going to be in for a terrible shock when you wake up one day soon to discover that Donald Trump has been elected for a second term as president. Perhaps it might even be possible for the mockingbird media to continue to deny this even after it happens although it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to censor the inauguration and the swearing in.

Although, now that I think about it, this approach has already been patented on a small scale in Georgia where the delusional former Democratic candidate for Governor, Stacy Abrams, still refuses to admit that she lost and the liberal media still enables her charade.

While the Democrats and their media stooges continue on with their virtual and hermetically sealed information blackout, the wheels of justice, the defense of the principle of one man one vote, nevertheless continue to grind along to what is appearing to be a clear and ultimately unavoidable conclusion.

Donald Trump won the election.

In previous Medium posts, and in interviews on my YouTube channel, I’ve illustrated what should be viewed as the tip of the iceberg in terms of this mounting evidence of voter and ballot fraud. What is unfolding, in a nutshell, is more than just old fashioned big city democrat hack machine politics where the ballots of those who didn’t vote, or those who died but were still on the rolls, would be filled out behind closed doors although, evidence indicates, this went on in spades.

Now we have entire states, operating in tandem, shutting down and then re-opening after the vote was reversed. We have counting weeks after the election. We have computer vote fraud where untold thousands if not hundreds of thousands of votes are systematically switched.

This all might seem unbelievable to those of you who rely strictly on the mockingbird media for your information. I would gently urge you to look beyond what your reading and do a cursory bit of research to get closer to the truth. That way you won’t be too shocked when the inevitable occurs.

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