Charles Moscowitz is the author of: God is God: God is the Creator and Law-Giver

The infamous Access Hollywood tape revealed Donald Trump engaging in a vulgar conversation about women with host Billy Bush. Trump’s response to the release of the secretly taped conversation was apologetic as he acknowledged his embarrassment. One interesting aspect of his statement at the time was his claim that the campaign, which involved his getting out and meeting thousands of people across the country from all walks of life, and the process of listening to their stories, had changed him and had made him a better man. I can personally relate to this as I experienced something similar when I ran for Congress in Massachusetts in 2004.

Clearly Donald Trump, the businessman, the flawed individual, has a moral compass as reflected in the policies of his administration. He puts the interests of his country first by not getting involved in foreign wars and by de-escalating American military involvement around the world. He stands up for labor and domestic business by re-negotiating trade agreements that favor America. He supports working people by lowering taxes and removing un-necessary regulations that hurt business. He protects religious freedom and he supports the constitution by appointing judges who are less likely to make up laws out of thin air.

Biden and the Democrats, on the other hand, hold no moral position at all as their raison d’etre is based on one big lie and that is that President Trump has something against Black men and women. Once this lie is taken off the table, and it obviously is off the table as a simple observation of the Trump Administration policies would indicate, Biden and the Democrats have nothing else to offer. Their entire campaign, their reason to exist, is based on a negative and false premise. The only way they can hope to win is to depend on the same media that promoted the conspiracy theory that President Trump was spying for the Russians. They are also depending on the “cat” vote, which is to say the vote that is offered by tabby, the pet cat.

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