Left going to the same old well of hate

On the Jan. 7th edition of Talking Politics, a Boston political talk program that broadcasts on WGBH every Friday, host Adam Reilly and his panel attacked anti-vax mandate protesters who had gathered outside Boston City Hall as the new Mayor Michelle Wu announced policies requiring vaccine passports for anyone entering a restaurant or gym in Boston and policies mandating passports for all city employees.

The panel characterized those protesters as racist and as Trump supporters by means of ugly innuendo and smear. What is next? Concentration camps?

Panelist State Rep. Rebecca Rausch, who proudly noted that she had sponsored vaccine mandates even before the pandemic and who was pushing vaccines for children, claimed that the opposition was driven by antisemitism since they had compared her advocacy to that of the Nazis. I wonder if Rausch was one of the many high-minded liberal intellectuals who pushed the charge that President Trump was like Hitler and his 75+ million supporters were like Nazis during the four years of his moderate and conservative presidency? Gee…would that therefore make her and her elitist birds of a feather antisemitic as well?

The hateful and nasty tone of these liberal analysts was ridiculous and divisive as they worked to drive a wedge between sides in our already fractured society. Rausch, a fascist, there, I said it out loud, complained that Mass. Governor Charlie Baker was not calling for another school shutdown in the face of the mild Omnicom variant. That was even too much for Peter Kadzis, an old-left former writer for the now defunct Boston Phoenix, who noted that even the uber woke Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot opposed that policy.

Conventional wisdom would hold these liberals as preposterous as they spin conspiracy theories that would make QAnon followers blush. Problem is that they must be taken seriously since these buffoons clearly control the high-ground in the media today.

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