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The conspiracy to overthrow the government of President Donald Trump is not complete. Though President Trump is holding on by a thread, and while every day and hour brings the plot closer to fruition, there are still at least three factors that still stand in the way of the plotters who could be exposed. Such exposure might turn the tide. Let’s not lose faith.

Those three factors are as follows:

  1. The Trump campaign has just filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan, which covers Detroit, that includes over 500 affidavits, sworn testimony of voter fraud in that city, and this case holds an enormous amount of merit. An independent Federal Judge, sworn to uphold the law, is likely to allow the case to proceed and this case, if successful, would likely invalidate at least 100,000 fraudulent votes for Biden in Michigan.
  2. The Dominion Software scandal. The “glitch” that took place in Antrim County Michigan where an estimated 6,000 votes cast for Trump were switched to Biden and then back to Trump, has been traced to the use of Dominion Software by that county. This same software was also used by over 40 additional counties in Michigan as well as by counties and precincts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and elsewhere. Indeed, there have been allegations that Dominion Softwars might be responsible for expunging upwards of 2.7 million Trump votes and an unknown number of switches. The same software, with alleged connections and financing from Communist China, the Clinton Foundation and other shady sources, allegedly was involved in stealing the 2015 primary from Bernie Sanders.
  3. The Georgia Recount. The State of Georgia is now undergoing a hand recount due to the closeness of the Trump-Biden race. The recount is being overseen by Republican Representative Doug Collins who is an honest broker. Allegedly, over 100,000 votes came in by voters who are over 90 years old and some listed as over 100 years old. As part of the recount, they will be called to ascertain if they are alive and, if so, whether they voted. This along with other factors pointing in the direction of fraud arguers well for a Trump victory in Georgia and possibly a closing of the gap for one if not both Republican candidates for the US Senate which could end the need for a runoff.

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