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Is there any doubt that the deep state will try to steal the 2020 election? They will do anything to stop or severely damage President Donald Trump and the movement he represents. It is a matter of record, as the emails of FBI Counterespionage Director Peter Strzok indicate, that Obama planted various rouge figures into the government on his way out the door to hobble the Trump Administration and, if possible, to take it down.

The use of foreign spies connected to Putin’s Russia to set up a phony dossier and to set up members of Trumps team, the subsequent FISA sanctioned spying on the Trump campaign and transition, the unmasking, the machinations of FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director James Brennan, National Security advisor James Clapper and others both known and hidden, the taking down of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, all of this was part of an attempted coup d’etat.

The launching of the Mueller Group which proceeded to convict people with little to do with Trump and to do so with Gestapo style arrests, all supported by the mockingbird media. The concocting of the grandest conspiracy theory of modern times, that the President of the United States was a spy for Russia. The phony impeachment which served both as an attempt to remove President Trump from office and as a means of covering up the crimes of Vice President Joe Biden and his influence-peddling, blackmail and graft.

Is there any doubt that these same people, this same vast, interlocking and secretive infrastructure that President Trump accurately refers to as the deep state, is now seeking to steal the election? It’s hardly doubtable that liberal democratic governors, corrupt democratic machines operating for decades in places like Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee, and an eager media made up of Trump haters are more than willing to do their part?

They will keep on counting…and counting…and counting until they get the results they want. President Trump needs to stand up to these states that refuse to certify his victory, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, by seeking the assistance of the Supreme Court.

Trump needs act before these corrupt insiders steal the election and he needs to act today…He needs to act now!

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