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I wrote the book: “God is God: God is the Creator and Law Giver” as an intellectual exercise. My thesis attempts to prove the existence of God and I take the position that belief in God is consistent with science. In this book I sketch a brief history of belief in God in western society and I demonstrate what I refer to as an ongoing rebellion against God and the consequences of that rebellion.

After writing the book, the unexpected happened. The experience of writing and researching this book changed my life. I have now begun to know God in the spiritual sense. As a secular American Jew, I did not expect this. At my ripe old age, I am finally beginning to grasp my purpose in life and the greater purpose of the lives of us all. I am beginning to contemplate profound existential questions such as why we are here.

I am now experiencing crystal clear moments of faith, what I would describe as a combination of reason, deep thought, physical and mental clarity, and new understandings of truths. These experiences come upon me unexpectedly and at random moments. I am not prone to mysticism and there is nothing occultist about these experiences.

For me, these experiences constitute the beginning of a new journey and I intend to share that journey, probably daily, or at least several times a week, here at Medium, on Tic Toc, on my YouTube channel and through my other social media platforms.

Yes…There is a big element of self-interest in all of this as I seek exposure and sales for my new book. Like any author, I hope to sell books and I hope my book has influence. Having said this, I hope that in the process I do good not only for myself but for my readers and for society at large.

I view the mission of Judaism, and my personal mission as a Jew, as one by which the Jew is called by God to know God and, as such, to serve as an example to inspire others to also know God. I humbly hope to contribute in some way to that overall mission.

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