Antifa at the U. S. Capitol

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Photographic evidence, testimony, numerous sources indicate that people from Antifa, the same group that looted black businesses and burned black neighborhoods, were allowed into the US Capitol where they looted the property, occupied the Senate Chambers and murdered Ashli Babbit in cold blood.

Even a cursory look at the photos of some of these guys, obese, heavily bearded, dressed in black with radical tattoos, tearing down American flags, proves they were Antifa.

So the question before us is how did these terrorists get such easy access to the US Capitol, especially while the Congress was in session? What would prevent ISIS terrorists from walking into the Capitol and taking the entire government hostage? Certainly, Antifa terrorists were easily kept at bay when they tried to occupy the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

There had been information made available over a week previous to the rally that Antifa people, disguised in Trump garb, were planning on infiltrating the peaceful pro-Trump assembly. There were witnesses to their arrival in Washington days before the rally.

The only logical explanation for what should be viewed as the most significant and egregious violation of national security since the Kennedy assassination is that insiders at the Capitol permitted this to happen. They did so as an excuse to stop the congressional challenges to the seating of the Biden electors in the disputed states which is exactly what happened.

After the shut-down of the Capitol, and in the wee hours of the night, Congress re-convened and shoved through the Biden installation out of view of the public. The murder of Ashli Babbit serves their purposes as as icing on the cake in terms of framing President Trump and his followers.

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