A look back at Charlottesville Riot

New Book by Charles Moscowitz: Sociology for Conservatives

President Trump responded to the hate and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, by noting that many sides are to blame. There were, in fact, two sides that instigated the violence, both radical, both socialist, both anti-American. The racist and anti-Semitic neo-Nazis and white supremacists on one side and the radical communist so-called Antifa, or anti-Fascists on the other. Each side represents a philosophy that is anathema to America. In the tradition of terrorism, both sides benefit from the and the attention that it draws.

Trump’s reaction is like that of conservatives in past decades who condemned both Soviet Communism and Nazism and who accurately blamed both sides for causing World War II. Like today, with lines drawn between white supremacists and Antifa, both sides back then, the Nazis and the Communists, were radical socialist and anti-American. Back then, except for the period during the 1939–1941 Hitler-Stalin alliance, the American left criticized only one side, the Nazis, while giving a pass if not openly praising the other side, the communists.

Now the left is seizing upon the opportunity that the violence presents to side with one side, Antifa, by claiming that President Trump’s condemnation of both sides means that he is siding with one side, the side that hates black people. In this regard, they engage in classic left-wing projection. They think that Trump and conservatives view the world as they do, which is un-nuanced. Either that or they engage in classic leftist propaganda with full and conscious knowledge that they are lying. They go one step further in their attack against Trump by condemning, by proxy, his “base,” those of us who support him, by claiming that we also support one side, the racist side.

This is an opportunity for Democrats and liberal Republicans to come out and pound their chests with righteous indignation as they advance a false dialectic. They have no problem fanning the flames of racism and anti-Semitism that one side represents for their own political capital while they tacitly side with the other side, the violent Antifa. Shame on them!

The Trump haters, those who are willing to tear apart the fabric of American society to feed their seemingly unquenchable hatred for Trump, ought to look in the mirror before charging others with racism and anti-Semitism. These are the same people who support the Jew hating movement to Israel while ignoring Israel’s genocidal enemies who they tacitly excuse. These are the same people who have supported perhaps well-meaning but racist liberal policies that have hurt the African-American family, faith, entrepreneurialism and safety over the past half century.

Like the Nazis and the Communists of the past, the white supremacists and the Antifa embrace an atheistic collectivist view that is anathema to American of private ownership, limited government, and rights emanating from the individual under God and not from the state. The white supremacists and the Antifa are both obsessed with race and race identity and the destructive politics that emanates from this belief. They both reject the position that Donald Trump and the majority of Americans support which is the principle of putting the interests of all Americans first, and that means just that, ALL Americans.



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