Enthralled by Cultural Marxism
Four Horsemen of The Frankfort School

Charles Moscowitz

In his new book The Death of the West, Patrick J. Buchanan examines the origin of what he contends is the modern decline of America. He asserts that while Soviet style Marxism is largely dead, our society remains enthralled by Cultural Marxism, which is strangling our freedom, and…

Mankind, to the left, is on an inevitable march toward the victory of communism, socialism, or whatever sobriquet is in vogue to describe the totalitarian faith. Those who, on the other hand, understand freedom, see men of free will making choices and taking actions that can affect the nature of…

Charles Moscowitz

The left used to pose as anti-establishment which they viewed as dominated by the right, the so-called “corporate interests.” They used to rail against the soulless greedy institutions controlled by the capitalists and the police-state.

Since the Pandemic, they are now all about mandates, shut-downs, medical passports, which…

Yes…there was an insurrection on January 6th 2021. Actually…there was a coup against the Trump Administration on January 6th.

On that day, Congress was scheduled to perform the same constitutional function that they have performed every four years since 1790. On that they, Congress certifies the respective delegations from each…

Charles Moscowitz

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