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We were subjected to the droning liberal conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was not legitimately elected president due to interference by a foreign power, to whit, Vladimir Putin’s Russia and that, as such, Donald Trump had “colluded” with or spied for Russia.

This was the crux of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that sought to de-legitimize the Trump presidency by means of impeachment.

We now have the theory, which began on Election Eve 2020, that the election was stolen from Trump by means of a concerted effort on the part of various fraudsters…

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I’m working toward a College degree in Sociology, late in life and, in that capacity, I am required to take a course in Statistics. Understanding the rigors of Statistics, particularly the Algebra, is very challenging for me so please cut me some slack as I attempt to present what appears to me to be a classic example of the statistical concept of the “Correlation Co-Efficient which I relate to the Marxist Theory of Exploitation.

The goal of the Correlation Co-Efficient equation, as I understand it, is to determine whether there is a positive or negative relationship…

The evidence keeps trickling in, drip by drip, of fraud in the 2020 election. The latest story , according to the Gateway Pundit, is that former top Democratic operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein was given the keys to the KI Center Ballroom in Green Bay, Wisconsin where absentee ballots were stored and counted before election day.

Spitzer-Rubenstein, according to Wisconsin Spotlight, asked Green Bay’s clerk if he and his team members could help correct or “cure” absentee ballots like they did in Milwaukee.

Spitzer-Rubenstein was then given the keys to the counting room by Brown County Clerk Kris Teske who expressed frustration…

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Yes, I continue to continue to contend that the 2020 election was stolen.

It is most unfashionable to make this assertion as, indeed, those who assert this are now routinely denounced as “conspiracy theorists.” We are being denounced, mocked, censored, not for holding the theory itself, a theory which is rarely addressed, but rather we are denounced for merely contending that there was a conspiracy.

Mike Lindell, the “pillow guy” has lost his personal and professional social media accounts. He’s been banished for expressing the opinion that the election was stolen. My pillow

If they actually cared about the plight of African-Americans, Black Lives Matter would protest the left. Racist left-wing ideas and policies targeted African-Americans as far back as Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” which sought to reduce the number of black people who she referred to as members of a “dysgenic race.” In this pursuit, Sanger set up abortion clinics in Harlem and paid black ministers to promote them in 1939.

In the 1960’s the black family was relatively intact, the black church was a moral force and black entrepreneurs and businesses were rising fast in spite of real racism and discrimination…

President Donald Trump arrives at the National Governors Association meeting in the State Dining Room of the White House February 27, 2017, Washington, D.C. (Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe answers a question during a State of the States event at the Newseum, January 25, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Charles Moscowitz: Sociology Assignment — Bunker Hill Community College

This movie, which is an American legal drama that was released in 1992, was based on a play by playwright Aaron Sorkin. A Few Good Men, starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and a cast of other well-known actors, had an enormous cultural impact and led to the development of several memes including the line “you can’t handle the truth” which was used by Massachusetts Republican governor Paul Cellucci in his televised 1998 gubernatorial debate with his Democratic opponent, Mass. Attorney General Luther Scott Harshbarger.

I have always sensed that…

Coca Cola and Delta Airlines, both headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, are criticizing their home state for passing new laws which protect the principle of one man one vote. Their denigration of those laws is getting louder and is going national as Major League Baseball is making noises about withdrawing the All-Star game from Atlanta and President Biden has compared the laws to Jim-crow.

They are basing their criticism on the racist assumption that people of color are not as capable of registering to vote as is everyone else. These super-rich elitist predominantly white liberals know nothing about people of color…

Over 200 Jewish scholars have signed a so-called Jerusalem Declaration which excludes the BDS movement, which is an international leftist movement to boycott the State of Israel, as inherently anti-Semitic.

Many of the same scholars who signed on to this re-definition of anti-Semitism had previously signed a full-page ad which ran in the New York Times opposing the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

I would suggest that the same idea that gives a pass to BDS, an organized and concertized attempt to boycott Israel, is one that historically involved Jews looking the other way when the Nazi regime…

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